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Moving to India

A couple of months ago, I was made a very interesting offer: Move to Bangalore, India, in order to be the Technical Lead of a new R&D team being formed at the office over there.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but after lots of deliberation with my family, I decided to accept.

This will be a three-year stint that could be extended, starting in the fall. We’re very excited and looking forward to eating lots of Indian food.

Further information on exact date, farewell party, and so on will follow.

This is getting ridiculous

Looks like I started a monitor war. First it was, the poor engineer, thinking I was so cool with four. Then Jaco, who need to see x-rays and stuff beats me to the punch with nine. Now it’s Amanda and her telescope controlling setup ups the stakes with twelve screens – all from the top of a Hawaiian volcano, like a supervillain’s lair. Anyone else?

Amanda's desk at the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope

French press surprise

I’m a huge fan of Bodum‘s French Press coffee mug. In a few minutes you make a large cup of freshly pressed coffee with minimal work and minimal dishes. I actually own two, one for work, and one for  home.

So I highly recommend it to my coffee drinking colleagues. One of them, Eli Seidner, got one too. I forgot to mention to him that he should wash it after using it, especially if you are going to leave it at the office and then go home for the weekend.

Below, Eli’s mug:

french press mug
Eli's French press mug.

Read more to see the photo from a better angle.

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