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My view at the office

People sometimes ask me if I’ve advanced at work. Well, I’m happy to say that I just moved up… to the eight floor! This is what I see from my windwow. If it wasn’t for the apartment complex, you’d think I’m in the moon of Endor.


The early bird gets the worm

One of the nicest feelings: When you are at work early in the morning and need to go to the bathroom, and happen to be the first person to use it after it was cleaned the previous evening.

You can tell by the position of the toilet seat: Up for unused and pristine, down for used and compromised.

Making up for my other inadequacies

multi-monitor setupThe only way to simultaneously amass tons of geek cred AND work on your tan is to surround yourself by four large LCD monitors. This is my new setup, put together after lots of scavenging around the office. Does it make me more efficient? Maybe. Does it make me cooler? In some circles. Does it make you jealous? Most certainly. Can I launch nuclear attacks from it? That’s classified.

Pretending to work

Silly me, thinking MS Office is completely useless (with this exception). Here are some useful tips for all of you out there.