ROBOCATEPETL coming back?

Warning: The following post is based entirely upon rumors and speculation

It has been recently heard that Team ROBOCATEPETL, famous for their ROBOCATEPETL 3 ball sorting robot (second place at NI-TECH 2002), has been in talks about creating a ROBOCATEPETL 4 for the NI-TECH Robolab tournament to be held later this year. Confirmation will follow.

Nice weather

On Sunday, we were playing freesbee in Zilker park, wearing shorts and t-shirts. On Monday (yesterday), it took us 2 hours to drive from the University of Texas (where our bi-annual company meeting is held) back to the NI Campus in north Austin, due to an incredible hail storm, and low temperatures that caused the streets to get covered with ice. Add to that the very effective shortcuts that Andrés took, and you can be stuck in traffic for a long time. The fact that I had to go to the restroom and that I was sitting in the back seat of a Camaro just made the ride so much more enjoyable. Ussually, such ride takes about fifteen minutes.Well, it seems like it’s still freezing out, road conditions are bad, and the office is still closed, if at least for a few hours until road coditions improve.

Bill Clinton at Austin

Last night I went to a conference by former president Bill Clinton. Very interesting indeed. Besides the fact that the gathering seemed to be a democratic lovefest at first, where people would cheer about anything Clinton had to say that they agreed on, it got better when they let him actually speak. Very interesting opinions on North Korea (they are what worries him the most), Iraq (10 years of U.N. resolutions that the U.S. only wants to enforce), the Middle East (Arafat made a grave, grave mistake by rejecting the peace proposal in 98), Yitzhak Rabin (the man I’ve loved the most in my life), Colombia, the economy, Al Qaeda and terrorism, his newly recovered personal life and other themes.It was very interesting to listen to an ex-president talk to you about so many themes, specially one that talks to you like you’re not six years old. What I found to be the most interesting, is his view of the world as a ver interdependent place where no one can escape anyone nor ignore anyone anymore. I believe this can be applied to many things, one of them is solving the Arab-Israeli conflict. No one is going away, after all.

Argentina 1-0 Mexico

The Lavolpe era of the Mexican soccer national team started last night with a loss against the sub-23 Argentinian national team. The game was ok, it’s too bad that Arellano got his knee injured and couldn’t play. I also think that Borghetti could have helped but instead Olalde played. The referee was terrible too.

The next match is, I believe, against Colombia.

Super Sunday

Today is the Super Bowl. It starts in less than an hour. I’m not a big football fan, but it must be noted however that Monterrey beat the Pumas in Ciudad Universitaria 3-2 in the Mexican Soccer League. That makes me happy:).As for the Superbowl, we’ll see how it goes…

Is Hugo Chavez a Mac user?

Check out this link:
A couple of DJs made a prank call to the president of Venezulea Hugo Chavez. During the conversation Chavez said something about “it all happening on Tuesday”. Well, unless Hugo Chavez is a Mac user (tomorrow is Steve Job’s Keynote at MacWorld San Francisco 2003) venezuelans are in for something tomorrow. No more political commentary for now.

No ugly people were harmed making this blog.