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Soccer at The Domain

While looking for something in Google Maps (a heliport on top of my building, if you must know) I noticed that as of the time of this writing, the satellite imagery does not yet have the new and fancy The Domain shopping center accross the street.

Instead, right where Starbucks and the Apple Store now stand, you can see a beautiful soccer field. Back in 2001 we used this field to play and get kicked out every week. This is where the AMSA powerhouse NI Eagles was founded. This is also where I met many friends, including: future Polla winner Anand Narayanan; fellow blogger, drinker, and often The MKX® commenter Jaramillo; crazy marathon-running iron man Chris Griger; among many others.

Change is the only constant. That’s why I’m going to have to climb up to the roof to look for a newly built heliport.

Another interesting Google Maps tidibit: The satellite picture of my house shows a bunch of solar powered cells that were installed by a previous owner. Go find it!

NI Eagles Fall 2007

Yesterday marked my triumphant return to the soccer fields to play after long time rival Juventus (not the actual Italian team). The first ball I touched after almost three months of injury was a perfect pass to the striker for an open shot on goal. Too bad the striker played for the other team.
Still, and no thanks to me, we managed to come back from a 2-0 to win 3-2, playing the last 25 minutes with only ten men on the field. This is the stuff that makes good movie scripts. Enjoy the new team picture.

Broken collarbone update

It’s been now a week since I had that little accident. I can now mostly get dressed, eat, and shower by myself. I can now type with one hand. Vicodin is my new best friend. Thanks to everyone who’s helped me out, called or visited. Especially my parents who came over to help their crippled son. My mom is in a cleaning streak, you can eat off my toilet seat and believe me, it’s yummy.

Daniela took these crappy cellphone pics back at the hospital:

IV Painkillers…

I’m sooo… relaxed… happy…

Crash Landing

Since it had been almost a year since my magical memory erasing blow to the head and almost three years since the dislocated toe incident, I decided to try something new.

Yesterday ten minutes into the last NI Eagles game of the season, when fighting for a ball, I got tripped over and landed badly on my left shoulder. The good news is that we still won even though the team had to play one man short (me, and there were no subs). The bad news is that I fractured my clavicle. It’s quite painful, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Thanks to everyone in the team for their wishes and concerns and especially to the Motas who helped me out so much.

Enjoy the x-rays.

Survival tip

Emergency landing

Originally uploaded by kirsch.

When falling down, use your hands and not your head to break the fall.

This is me after our last soccer game. As you can see, I had sort of a rough landing. This picture was taken about 1 hour after the event.

Next time, I’ll do my best efforts to land on a softer part of my body.

And before you ask:

  • My name is Marcos.
  • The score was 2-2 (or so they say).
  • Today’s date is January 16, 2006.
  • No, my nose is not swollen from the fall.
  • Yes, that is its normal size.

Thank you for your wishes.

NI Eagles start Division 1 with a victory

We had our first game today in the summer Austin City League. As readers of this blog know, NI Eagles just moved to Division 1. In summer, Division 1 and Premier are combined.
We played Caledonians, a Premier division team and won 3-2 with a ’89 goal by Papa Faye. The temperature was about 35 degrees C. and my whole body hurts.
Here’s the new team picture:

NI Eagles Summer 2005
Click to enlarge

Exciting end of season

It’s been a while since I posted anything about the NI Eagles, Austin’s top soccer team (approximately).

We are one game away from the end of the Spring 2005 season. We are now in Division 2, having moved up all the way from Division 5 (which is pretty good considering that we are largely the same group of players). The top 2 teams will go up to Division 1. We are now in second place, tied with the Screaming Sparks. The Aardvarks are close and have two games left.

This means that, if we beat Sky Sports on Sunday, we go to Division 1, otherwise we stay in Division 2.

We will be missing quite a few players too, as Jaramillo, Chaparro and Mota are flying to Puebla for Muleiro’s wedding, and I’m going to Monterrey to get constipated eating matzah (and other beige food).

I’ll keep you updated.

Team Played Wins Losses Ties Goals
Juventus 15 10 1 4 36 12 24 42 2.27 34
NI Eagles 17 8 2 7 39 22 17 45 1.82 31
Screamin’ Sparks 17 9 4 4 30 15 15 33 1.82 31
Aardvarks 16 8 4 4 29 26 3 33 1.75 28
FC Fumar 17 6 5 6 25 22 3 31 1.41 24
Sky Sports FC 17 7 7 3 34 34 0 41 1.41 24
Team MBA 15 6 5 4 26 24 2 26 1.47 22
AFC Barcelona 17 4 7 6 17 20 -3 23 1.06 18
Fogu Makacos 16 2 13 1 12 37 -25 12 0.44 7
Austin Kosmos 17 2 14 1 13 49 -36 14 0.41 7

[UPDATE 4/28/2005] Well, NI-Eagles won with a convincing 6-1. See you in First Division!!!