Broken collarbone update

It’s been now a week since I had that little accident. I can now mostly get dressed, eat, and shower by myself. I can now type with one hand. Vicodin is my new best friend. Thanks to everyone who’s helped me out, called or visited. Especially my parents who came over to help their crippled son. My mom is in a cleaning streak, you can eat off my toilet seat and believe me, it’s yummy.

Daniela took these crappy cellphone pics back at the hospital:

IV Painkillers…

I’m sooo… relaxed… happy…

5 thoughts on “Broken collarbone update”

  1. Pobrecito Marcos!
    (IV painkillers are nice, aren’t they? Though I was certainly not as nice a patient as you appeared to be–I have a photo on Myspace)

    I must tell you though, whenever I am feeling crazed because work is too busy (& salary too small…IT, oy vey…) I come to your blog and it makes me laugh! It’s really great! What can I ever do to repay you? Do you need a sponge bath or something?? BESOS! 🙂

  2. Marcos,
    Espero que te sientas mejor, no tenia idea que te habias lesionado jugando Futbol. Yo ando medio lesionado de la rodilla derecha, pero nada comparable con lo que te paso. Espero que te mejores pronto y cuando este en Austin a principios de Enero nos vemos.
    Diego F.

  3. Marcos:

    Primero que nada me alegro0 mucho que andes mejor…todos tus “blog-fans” esperabamos noticias de tu recuperacion….

    I must also agree with Raquelita…your blog is my weekly escape from work mayhem and stress…

    Wishing you all the best in this holiday season!

    Happy Kwanza,



    The Borat-like bikini pic is AWESOME!!!!

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