Crash Landing

Since it had been almost a year since my magical memory erasing blow to the head and almost three years since the dislocated toe incident, I decided to try something new.

Yesterday ten minutes into the last NI Eagles game of the season, when fighting for a ball, I got tripped over and landed badly on my left shoulder. The good news is that we still won even though the team had to play one man short (me, and there were no subs). The bad news is that I fractured my clavicle. It’s quite painful, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Thanks to everyone in the team for their wishes and concerns and especially to the Motas who helped me out so much.

Enjoy the x-rays.

11 thoughts on “Crash Landing”

  1. Sera que el “regreso triunfal al gramado” sea como director tecnico o juez de linea?
    Suerte en la recuperacion. Por cierto, falta la foto de Marcos con el “mecanismo sujetador inmovilizador del hombro con clavicula fracturada del Dr. Chunga …. y Yiun Li” puesto.

  2. very sorry to read about your re-injury… I found your site soon after I broke my clavicle and it, along with others, inspired me to keep a blog on my recovery.

    Tonight I was writing about whether or not I would return a mountain biking and I thought I would come see how you were doing. This post puts the nail in the coffin, so to speak, on my return to mountain biking.

    My surgeon (yes, I had to have mine repaired as I had broken it into three pieces) tells me at each visit the recovery is a marathon, and not a sprint. Man, that is a hard sentence to swallow.

    Best of luck to you — Barry

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