Soccer at The Domain

While looking for something in Google Maps (a heliport on top of my building, if you must know) I noticed that as of the time of this writing, the satellite imagery does not yet have the new and fancy The Domain shopping center accross the street.

Instead, right where Starbucks and the Apple Store now stand, you can see a beautiful soccer field. Back in 2001 we used this field to play and get kicked out every week. This is where the AMSA powerhouse NI Eagles was founded. This is also where I met many friends, including: future Polla winner Anand Narayanan; fellow blogger, drinker, and often The MKX® commenter Jaramillo; crazy marathon-running iron man Chris Griger; among many others.

Change is the only constant. That’s why I’m going to have to climb up to the roof to look for a newly built heliport.

Another interesting Google Maps tidibit: The satellite picture of my house shows a bunch of solar powered cells that were installed by a previous owner. Go find it!

2 thoughts on “Soccer at The Domain”

  1. Good old days when we used to play on those fields. Man seems like ages back…Funny that google maps is so outdated 🙂

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