NI Eagles Fall 2007

Yesterday marked my triumphant return to the soccer fields to play after long time rival Juventus (not the actual Italian team). The first ball I touched after almost three months of injury was a perfect pass to the striker for an open shot on goal. Too bad the striker played for the other team.
Still, and no thanks to me, we managed to come back from a 2-0 to win 3-2, playing the last 25 minutes with only ten men on the field. This is the stuff that makes good movie scripts. Enjoy the new team picture.

3 thoughts on “NI Eagles Fall 2007”

  1. Nice commentary..Pretty funny…I think it was hard for you to come in and be the main defender so quickly. So dont take it too hard on yourself.

  2. No quiero aguarte la fiesta pero… ¿que lesion nos tienes preparada para esta temporada?

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