Super Sunday

Today is the Super Bowl. It starts in less than an hour. I’m not a big football fan, but it must be noted however that Monterrey beat the Pumas in Ciudad Universitaria 3-2 in the Mexican Soccer League. That makes me happy:).As for the Superbowl, we’ll see how it goes…

Is Hugo Chavez a Mac user?

Check out this link:
A couple of DJs made a prank call to the president of Venezulea Hugo Chavez. During the conversation Chavez said something about “it all happening on Tuesday”. Well, unless Hugo Chavez is a Mac user (tomorrow is Steve Job’s Keynote at MacWorld San Francisco 2003) venezuelans are in for something tomorrow. No more political commentary for now.

National Lampoon’s San Antonio Vacation

Saturday night I drove to San Antonio to meet with my uncles David, Ruthy, Rujele, Isi and my cousins Jacobo, Rachelle, Joseph, Taly, Julieta, Rebeca, Rafa, Jacobo, Karen, Eduardo and Alex (phew)… We went to Sea World yesterday. It took 1 hour and 20 minutes from the gate to the first rollercoaster, it’s hard to move so many people around. Nice to see them all, it’s been over two years since I saw some of them. is online!

This is the first time that hits the web.
The placeholder page that was here instead of this one is now gone. The links will be restored here soon though.
Please note that this website is based off my brother’s website. They still look exactly like each other. That will change soon I promess.
The biggest change in the code, besides reorganization, is the use of a file-based blog engine instead of the original MySQL blog engine.
I have rushed to upload this today so the website’s anniversary is January 1 so it’s easy to remember 🙂

No ugly people were harmed making this blog.