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La segunda niña más guapa de México

My cousin has been bumped down to second place and the voting ends tonight. She needs your support. Instructions for voting are here. Go do it, you can make a difference and help improve the world.

La niña más guapa de México

It’s hard enough to juggle my priorities between achieving world peace, curing cancer, and finding a source of cheap, vast, clean, reusable energy as it is; and now I need to add another thing to be responsible for:

After an excruciating selection process, my cousin Yael got nominated  as a finalist for the coveted title of La niña más guapa de México” (Best looking girl in Mexico), which is given out by the very important website Quien. The way it goes, those candidates that don’t make this list are bumped down to the next best thing: the Nobel prize candidate list. And as luck would have it, instead of using a panel of experts to pick the winner, they are leaving it to the fair and balanced democratic process of online voting to pick out the winner!

So here’s what I ask you to do:

  1. Go to the voting page for La niña más guapa de México.
  2. If you see Yael Sandler, give her five stars.
  3. If you see someone else, give her one star.
  4. Leave a comment on The MKX® to let Yael know that your vote has been recorded.
  5. If she wins, everyone who voted and commented here will be flown to the celebration party in Monaco, where all the other candidates will also be present and sad and vulnerable and looking to make new friends.

Easy enough, right? So go vote!

Glam Girls

Fanboys Jacobo, Marcos, and Moi with superstar Yael Sandler from the hit TV show "Glam Girls".
Fanboys Jacobo, Marcos, and Moi with superstar Yael Sandler from the hit TV show "Glam Girls".

Shameless plug: In case you missed the world premiere of Glam Girls on TeleHit last Thursday, you can go to the official website and watch the full first episode. That’s right: no need to panic anymore.

On the photo, my brothers and I posing with Glam Girls villain Fernanda de la Vega (Yael Sandler). Mark my word: She’s going to make other Glam Girls cry… she’s sooo evil.