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Super Mario Bros. Crossover

Super Mario Bros. Crossover

Someone by the nickname explodingrabbit put together a little Flash game (that’s right, it won’t run on your iPad) in which you can play the original Super Mario Bros as any of the following characters:

  • Samus from Metroid
  • Link from The Legend of Zelda
  • Megaman
  • Simon Belmont from Castlevania
  • Bill R. from Contra
  • Oh, and Mario. But no Luigi.

Awesome. Twenty years ago, this would have given me a heart attack. As far as I can tell, the Konami Code does not work.


While digging through an old little box accurately labeled “Morralla“, I found a Kokoloko token. Kokoloko was the best bar in downtown Monterrey back in the nineties. They were open for a very long time and went through several remodelings (hanging chairs? phone booths? rooftop bar? Star Wars theme?). They eventually shut down and even though they reopened later in other parts of the city, it was never the same. I used to be there on most Fridays.

Instead of money, you used tokens in order to pay for drinks. You’d get a couple at the door for your $30 pesos cover charge. Today, a Kokoloko token is valued at over $40,000 USD (personal estimate). Here’s the photo of a Kokoloko token, probably the only one on the whole Internet:

More fun facts after the break…

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