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Heartbleed Bug t-shirts

Chances are you aren’t quite sick of hearing about The Hearbleed Bug just yet. But you will be soon. While it’s still relevant and if you hurry up, you can be the coolest nerd around by wearing a new Hartbleed Bug t-shirt. Three classy designs available, way more severe than #gotofail, only at The Heartbleed Bug Unofficial Store.
heartbleed t-shirt

Piss a Colombian off

In order to commemorate the first “Piss a Colombian off” day, I am wearing this t-shirt to work:

Piss a Colombian off by wearing this attractive t-shirt
Piss a Colombian off by wearing this attractive t-shirt. Make sure they don't stab you.

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New merchandise!

As of today, a new and exciting product hits The MKX® Gift Shop.

This beautiful 100% cotton t-shirt is printed with original art by “engineer by day, sound asleep by night” Marcos. It depicts a completely fictitious character based on no actual person, living or otherwise. Comes only in “Queensryche black” that hides tomato sauce stains better than any other color, except for red. You can buy it for man or for woman,. although for the life of me I can’t imagine why a woman would ever want to wear this (or a man for that matter… consider this item part of a larger social experiment).

Don’t delay, buy now! Gift it to any one of the many enemies of the person the drawing is based on. All profits (which are slimmer than you’d think, even though the t-shirt is quite expensive to the consumer) go to the Buy Marcos Some New Videogames Foundation.