Piss a Colombian off

In order to commemorate the first “Piss a Colombian off” day, I am wearing this t-shirt to work:

Piss a Colombian off by wearing this attractive t-shirt
Piss a Colombian off by wearing this attractive t-shirt. Make sure they don't stab you.

So far three Colombians have either given me “the look”, punched me, or stabbed my neck with a dirty fork. There are still a few more I need to visit in the building. I will keep my distance. Even one Venezuelan seemed angry. On the other hand, this particular Venezuelan always seems angry even if he isn’t.

The best part of this whole joke is that most people see me walk by but don’t get it. Of course, readers of The MKX® are way too cultured and find the whole thing hilarious. Right? RIGHT????


See the joy in their faces?
See the joy in their faces?

For a little bit I contemplated writing “Columbia” instead of “Colombia” on the t-shirt. That really ticks them off. I decided against it, though, mostly for self-preservation issues.

Want to piss off your own very dear Colombian? Well, you can! Yes, you can buy this beautiful t-shirt exclusively at The MKX® Gift Shop! What are you waiting for?

6 thoughts on “Piss a Colombian off”

  1. Muy malo el chiste a ver si me pongo una camiseta que diga Mexico 51avo estado de la union americana…me caias bien……(observese el tiempo pasado de la oracion!)

  2. I’d order one, but who guarantees colombians around?
    (Then again I’d probably notice more colombians in Berlin with that shirt on. And then, again, they’d probably just take me for stupid. Thinking it over, I wouldn’t order one. Just only be careful with that bearded guy. Looks dangerous).

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