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Moi (I keep linking to his blog, which has gotten painfully boring) sent me an email telling me about DefaultCase. They are launching a new company and selling their cases for only $0.01 for a limited time. His email revealed some scepticism. Too good to be true?

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My nephew finally upgraded to a new iPhone, so we can video chat using FaceTime.

He's not confused. He just looks confused. And that's not drool on his shirt. It only looks like drool.

Austin bats

I took Leny, Sonia, and Luis Kirsch, who were visiting last weekend, to see the overwhelming spectacle that Mother Nature puts on for us every summer night in downtown Austin, when the world’s largest urban bat colony emerges from their home under the bridge on Congress Avenue, all approx. 1.5 million of them.

I have an older video from 2006 but the this one is in full 720p cellphone quality thanks to the unstoppable progress of human technology. We’ve also posted about other local bat incidents in this website before, and then shortly after.

iPhone 4

My brother Moi thinks this is me. Is he right? FaceTime me with your thoughts.

Cyanide & Happiness #2091 – Explosm.net.

I’m eligible

Yep, looks like I’m already eligible to upgrade to the new iPhone 4 for the $200 base price. To upgrade or not to upgrade: that is the question. But a really easy one.