Moi (I keep linking to his blog, which has gotten painfully boring) sent me an email telling me about DefaultCase. They are launching a new company and selling their cases for only $0.01 for a limited time. His email revealed some scepticism. Too good to be true?

Read the full post to find out…

So like Moses (from the Bible, not my brother) with the tablets – “How much are they? Free? Ok, I’ll take two” – I ordered a couple of cases. They weren’t completely free: One cent plus $4.99 shipping and handling. Still, given the outrageous prices of iPhone cases, which are little more than a few grams of molded plastic, it is a good deal. Plus they got me curious so I bought. The fact that you pay through PayPal helps. This way I know for sure that they can’t get to my credit card number and worst case I’m out eight bucks.

Sure enough, tonight I received one case. The package included a nice and witty letter telling me that the second one is on the way.

The case looks nice enough. The iPhone snaps on and feels ok. It’s one of those cases that don’t cover the buttons or the dock connector – unlike the Belkin one I have been using. It’s pretty slim and the material is a little rubbery – enough for it not to slip out of our hand, but not rubbery enough to make it hard to put it and take it out of your pocket. A good balance, if you ask me.

I’ll try it out for a few days and see how it goes. If you want to get your own, it looks like you still can.

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