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Tons of photos

I uploaded lots of photos from last weekend’s trip to Monterrey.
Jave’s house before Becky’s party
Becky’s Bat-Mitzvah
At the rancho
At Moi’s graduation party

If you are not in the pictures, or you want to complain that somebody is in LOTS of pictures… it’s not my fault. All photos were taken by Debbie or Jacobo. Basically, if it looks like the picture was taken from below… it was Debbie. All photos of buffet tables, flowers and decorations taken by Jacobo were censored. Sorry.

New photo albums

I have uploaded 3 new albums.
One is from the AEPI party last week.
The other one is from a barbecue we had at Chai’s place some time ago.
Last but not least, a few pictures we took in Mexico last weekend on my trip to Monterrey.

As usual, I’ll remove the albums some time in the near future so save anything you want. Don’t forget to post your comments. Also, if you want, email me for higher quality versions of the photographs.


Shana Tova!

Happy 5764!
I went to Monterrey for Rosh Hashana. Yossy, Tomer and Carlos came with me. Funny to take an israeli to Mexico and all he gets to eat is Yiddish food (*very* good Yiddish food). Yossy had his first gefilte fish and he liked it.
All in all a very good start for a new year.

National Lampoon’s San Antonio Vacation

Saturday night I drove to San Antonio to meet with my uncles David, Ruthy, Rujele, Isi and my cousins Jacobo, Rachelle, Joseph, Taly, Julieta, Rebeca, Rafa, Jacobo, Karen, Eduardo and Alex (phew)… We went to Sea World yesterday. It took 1 hour and 20 minutes from the gate to the first rollercoaster, it’s hard to move so many people around. Nice to see them all, it’s been over two years since I saw some of them.