Weekend in Monterrey

Once again, I went to Monterrey last Friday. Joana was there with Liat and Joelle (who are now 13 months old). The girls are awesome but they like Moi more than they like me. That’s not surprising, most people like Moi more than they like me.

The drive home was quite an adventure, including a trip to downtown San Antonio to pick my cousing Becky up, a nice chat with a law enforcement officer in Pearsall Texas, a trip to the 26th km inside of Mexico, then back to Nuevo Laredo to get a tourist visa for Shaina, then back to the 26th km, and a burned alternator.

On Saturday, I got to go to Ilana and Yoni’s wedding which was very nice. There were a ton of Monterrey Exiles (a group I’m proudly a member of) that made the trip for what was the first wedding in the community in three or four years (how sad is that?). Very nice seeing them all, and also very nice to hear some of them actually read this blog (yeah, there’s a good chance that I’m talking about you). The photo of my dad sitting in a shoestore holding my mom’s purse seemed to be especially popular.

Last, but not least, on Sunday I bought 70 tacos from the always tasty Tacos Lara (proudly clogging arteries since 1968). I don’t remember the exact breakdown but we bought everything except for carnitas. I didn’t eat all of them by myself though. If I had, the drive back would have been rough for the other passengers.

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  1. además, las niñas se TE ven preciosas, están lo máximo, Joelle ya camina solita y aprendio varias palabras. Ahora faltan tus bebitos…
    ¿quién se anima?
    (su mamá lo recomienda)

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