The Browser Wars

According to Computerworld, Firefox has reached for the first time a 10% market share last month. That’s very good.

For educational purposes only, let’s compare the figures presented by Computerworld, which represent the total Internet usage patterns against the usage patterns of you, the enlightened Marcos Kirsch Experience® visitor. Just for kicks, let’s also see how that other little website I have (which is now getting around 2,500 pageviews per day – yup, that is not a typo) is doing:

Browser Internet The Marcos Kirsch Experience®
Internet Explorer 84.7% 59.32% 92.37%
Firefox 10.05% 27.12% 5.51%
Safari 3.19% 9.32% 0.86%
Netscape 1.05% 0.85% 0.18%
Opera 0.54% 2.54% 0.66%
Mozilla 0.34% No data 0.28%

Now, here’s some interesting (to me, but I doubt to anyone else) observations:

  • Most people are dumb. Most people use IE. Therefore, dumb people use IE.
  • As you can see, readers of The Marcos Kirsch Experience® are smarter than the average Internet person.
  • users are dumber than the average person. That sucks. This wouldn’t surprise you if you saw the messages we get. Maybe I’ll write about that one day.
  • I personally use Camino at home and Firefox at work. Camino gets 0.85% on this website and 0.08% on
  • Apparently, people still use Netscape. I can’t really explain that one.

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