Another childhood myth shattered

This one is every bit as disturbing as finding out that your dad is really the “Tooth Mouse” (the Mexican version of the Tooth Fairy), that and that wrestling is fake.

I grew up thinking that the delicious israeli Mekupelet chocolate was made with this ultra-secret process that no one could duplicate (but many had tried). I even heard the legends about how you could tour the Elite factory and see how all their chocolates are made, except for Mekupelet, which was their most important secret.

So I was shocked when I gave a Mekupelet bar to Nisha Ganwani, who was born and grew up in Dubai (and knows a ton about chocolate)… and she said it is exactly like a british chocolate bar sold over there: the Cadbury Flake.

A shipment of Cadbury Flakes is now on its way from the United Arab Emirates, so that I can verify her claim. I will update you on this – because I know you are just dying to know. But for now… all the same… another part of my inner child has died.

[Update 3/27/2006]: Nisha has just informed me that a shipment of Cadbury Flake bars is in transit from Dubai to Austin and should be arriving on April 28th. I guess a guy is swimming accross the ocean with a bag full of it.

[Update 4/4/2006]: The Marcos Kirsch Experience® exclusive correspondant in England, Jessica Lechner, has just informed me that the Flake tastes more sour, and is worse. This matches another report by Sarai Melichar, who is a chemical engineer in Houston TX and specializes in eating chocolate. She describes the Flake as “gross“. She repeated the word “gross” and “yuck” many times throughout the report. We are still awaiting the tests that will be performed at the main labs, in Austin, TX.

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