Trip to the Gold Cup

This past weekend, Carlos, Ruben, Jaramillo and I went to Houston to watch the quarter final match between Mexico and Colombia in the 2005 Gold Cup.

Unlucky weekend: Mexico lost 2-1. I lost the coin-toss to see who drives from Austin to Houston. And despite our best efforts (see picture above) we could not make it on TV. Those “lucky socks” I was wearing turned out not to be so lucky. I’ll have to go back to my unwashed lucky underwear (damn it!).

The trip was a lot of fun though, we got to see many people and went out to the new Planeta Bar-Rio which is exactly like another Bar in Monterrey

I have posted two albums with pictures from the trip: see photos and more photos. I’m still waiting on more pictures taken by Jaramillo and Gustavo.

7 thoughts on “Trip to the Gold Cup”

  1. Cointoss??? Quue paso mi buen…viste otro partido diferente que yo??? Justos ganadores…aun asi a ver si le ganamos a panama pues siempre se nos atoran los peces pequenios…..

  2. Mi queridisimo Johnny Kings: el volado fue para manejar… el partido lo ganaron bien los colombianos (bueno… ese segundo gol es un churrooooooooooooooooooote, pero de todas maneras). Ojo con los panameños, tienen un delantero que hace buenas chilenas (otro churroooooooooooooooooote).

  3. Ahora si a ver si ya se dieron cuenta quien debe ser tecnico de la seleccion mexicana.

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