SXSW 2010 Music Day 3

At this point I’m feeling the effects of two days of concerts plus longer than usual workdays. But I had to get back to Auditorium Shores to see a classic rock act.

Cheap Trick

Not only are they still alive and playing, but they currently have the Top Selling 8-track in the World! These guys were playing before I was born… I mean, I thought La Maldita Vecindad looked old but these people make them look like Hanna Montana. I only know a few of their songs yet it was a really good concert.

Cheap Trick at SXSW 2010
Cheap Trick at SXSW 2010
Cheap Trick at SXSW 2010

Video and the rest of the bands if you read more…


After Cheap Trick ended I walked downtown to Speakeasy, to check out some Colombian bands, since the previous year they were pretty good. This one is formed by three guys, each formerly part of a pretty big act: Aterciopelados, Carlos Vives and Sonorama. But I thought they were pretty weak.

Ciegossordomudos at SXSW 2010


Colombian reggae / dancehall band were pretty good. I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear more about them in the future.

Voodoosouljahs at SXSW 2010


Superlitio at SXSW 2010

They’ve played before in SXSW (but I don’t think I saw them back then), and they are getting really big in Colombia. Sadly at this point my brain had turned into jelly and I had to leave in the middle of the show. That’s the end of day 3. Better get some rest for day 4.

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