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F1 Race

Last Sunday the second F1 race in Austin was held. Nathan B. came over to watch and we went along with little Jaco and Jaimito.

I missed the first one due to previous engagements (pun intended). My racing experience is quite limited but I did learn some things. So in no particular order, my racing spectator tips follow:

  • Bring ear plugs
  • Bring a hat
  • Bring sunscreen

I thankfully ignored the advice of people who went last year (“wake up at 5 AM so you can make it on time”, “the line to the shuttle on the way out is 2.5 hours long”) which turned out not to apply to this year: everything was smooth and quick.

Now that we got that out of the way, I present you with evidence, starting with a quick video I shot with my phone.

I shot some video in slow-motion too, but for some reason that didn’t turn out too exciting. So it’s not posted.

Now, photos:

At the Salt Lick BBQ two days before the race. This way we didn’t have to eat again all weekend.


Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma

Last Saturday we attended the Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma. It was my first time attending a car race, and it showed. Everyone had chairs, coolers, drinks, food, huge hats, ear plugs, etc.

I had some sunscreen.

In spite of my rookie mistakes, it was a very enjoyable time. I bet that if I knew what the hell is going on and I was fully prepared, I would have had an even better time (Austin, get ready).

Everyone gets patriotic at car races

And… they had an air show:

Diamond formation
Oh how cute... a heart <3

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