F1 Race

Last Sunday the second F1 race in Austin was held. Nathan B. came over to watch and we went along with little Jaco and Jaimito.

I missed the first one due to previous engagements (pun intended). My racing experience is quite limited but I did learn some things. So in no particular order, my racing spectator tips follow:

  • Bring ear plugs
  • Bring a hat
  • Bring sunscreen

I thankfully ignored the advice of people who went last year (“wake up at 5 AM so you can make it on time”, “the line to the shuttle on the way out is 2.5 hours long”) which turned out not to apply to this year: everything was smooth and quick.

Now that we got that out of the way, I present you with evidence, starting with a quick video I shot with my phone.

I shot some video in slow-motion too, but for some reason that didn’t turn out too exciting. So it’s not posted.

Now, photos:

At the Salt Lick BBQ two days before the race. This way we didn’t have to eat again all weekend.


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