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Breaking news: Obama dead!?

Maybe you did or didn’t hear about the recent death of terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden. And thanks to the idiots working at not one, but at least three news companies, you may have also heard about the death of Obama.

The schmucks: Fox News 40 (Sacramento), CNN Chile, and El Diario de Ciudad Victoria.

Photo of the day #35: Obama and friends

In this recent photograph we get a sneak peak at POTUS Obama along with Vice President Biden, Secretary of State Clinton and most of the U.S. National Security Team attentively following live the recent CONCACAF Champions final between Real Salt Lake and Monterrey. Monterrey won (3)1-0(2).

Photo of the day #33: Dinner invitation


So I get invited by Mr. Obama to a dinner party in my capacity of CEO of The MKX® with my fellow tech industry luminaries, and just as I go off to the bathroom to wash my hands (I’m very clean) they snap this picture. Shit.

Photo of the day# 24

Still catching up on my post backlog. But it’s still Passover so I can still post this one: President Obama heading up a Passover Seder in the White House last Wednesday night.


But you just wait and see the photo from my seder. A lot less clothing in that one. Oh boy.

Sent in by bobe Raquel.


As you know, last night Barack Obama was elected President of the U.S. I have my political and ideological opinions but I doubt people read this blog for those so I’ll spare you (summary: thumbs up).

Frankly, I was sick and tired of the elections and I’m glad it’s finally over. It was the only thing that was on the news, on every conversation over lunch or coffee, on TV, everywhere in the last months. Ready to move on to the next topic of interest: soccer.

One observation though: Independently of which side of the political spectrum they may fall on, caricaturists around the world have got to be thrilled at the outcome. Obama is a caricaturist’s dream come true. With that square chin, the thick eyebrows, the huge smile that’s all upper teeth, the long head, and above all: those wonderful ears. I mean, McCain had the abnormally big and flabby cheeks… but those ears are a joy.

Looking forward to four or eight years of political Obama caricatures. Oh, and conversations about soccer.