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The Ten Plagues

Ahi viene la plaga!
Marcos as the Pharaoh, Jave as Moses

As promised.

To best relive the experience, my aunt Jave (read as in Spanish: Cha-veh) made this year’s Seder even longer but more fun than usual by putting together a small skit that included all plagues. I got to be the Pharaoh and I deserve an Oscar for my performance. See the photos after the break while you play this in the background, viewer discretion advised.

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Photo of the day# 24

Still catching up on my post backlog. But it’s still Passover so I can still post this one: President Obama heading up a Passover Seder in the White House last Wednesday night.


But you just wait and see the photo from my seder. A lot less clothing in that one. Oh boy.

Sent in by bobe Raquel.