As you know, last night Barack Obama was elected President of the U.S. I have my political and ideological opinions but I doubt people read this blog for those so I’ll spare you (summary: thumbs up).

Frankly, I was sick and tired of the elections and I’m glad it’s finally over. It was the only thing that was on the news, on every conversation over lunch or coffee, on TV, everywhere in the last months. Ready to move on to the next topic of interest: soccer.

One observation though: Independently of which side of the political spectrum they may fall on, caricaturists around the world have got to be thrilled at the outcome. Obama is a caricaturist’s dream come true. With that square chin, the thick eyebrows, the huge smile that’s all upper teeth, the long head, and above all: those wonderful ears. I mean, McCain had the abnormally big and flabby cheeks… but those ears are a joy.

Looking forward to four or eight years of political Obama caricatures. Oh, and conversations about soccer.

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  1. ¿Te cae?… con la situacion de los rayados en el torneo, ¿en serio quieres hablar de fucho?

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