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Omega Mart

We took a quick trip to Las Vegas with the kids last month. We heard a lot about Omega Mart being a good place to visit. I was a bit shocked at the prices ($50+ per person) but we went ahead with it.

It’s really cool and unique and worth the admission; and it’s better if you know less about it when you visit. So if you think you may go anytime soon then stop reading.

What is it? You start out in a fake supermarket, playing the part of a new employee going over orientation. As you start looking closely, you will see things get progressively weirded. Eventually you find secret entrances to the back – where you are in the corporate offices but also in some sort of other dimension. It’s huge and super well made.

Your goal is to find clues and figure out what the heck is going on, it’s like being inside a giant interactive Black Mirror. We stayed there for almost 3 hours and couldn’t get to the bottom of it but made lots of progress. Maybe with older kids that don’t get cranky when hungry?


Viva Las Vegas

I joined my dad and my brother Moi for a crazy weekend in Vegas. For them it was a work thing. For me, not so much.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… which means that most of the material from the trip is not suitable for publication on The MKX®. But only because you asked nicely, I am posting three photos to give you but a taste of how the Kirsch boys party.

No, I'm not about to call this woman "mom". I simply call her "mamacita".

Wow, look at those enormous boobs.... And the girls' aren't bad, either.

Fine, so we all have our fetishes. Comments disabled.

Live from CES

For the first time, The MKX® has sent a correspondent to the huge Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Roaming the show floor right as this is published, we have gadget connoisseur Pepe Correa. He has sent us some fantastic images.

First, one of the coolest things that is all the rage for 2010: 3D. As you know, every major TV manufacturer is releasing some sort of 3D TV this year. Below, you can check out Motorola’s 3D glasses, which will work with some of these TVs:

Read more for more photos…

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