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Another childhood myth shattered

This one is every bit as disturbing as finding out that your dad is really the “Tooth Mouse” (the Mexican version of the Tooth Fairy), that and that wrestling is fake.

I grew up thinking that the delicious israeli Mekupelet chocolate was made with this ultra-secret process that no one could duplicate (but many had tried). I even heard the legends about how you could tour the Elite factory and see how all their chocolates are made, except for Mekupelet, which was their most important secret.

So I was shocked when I gave a Mekupelet bar to Nisha Ganwani, who was born and grew up in Dubai (and knows a ton about chocolate)… and she said it is exactly like a british chocolate bar sold over there: the Cadbury Flake.

A shipment of Cadbury Flakes is now on its way from the United Arab Emirates, so that I can verify her claim. I will update you on this – because I know you are just dying to know. But for now… all the same… another part of my inner child has died.

[Update 3/27/2006]: Nisha has just informed me that a shipment of Cadbury Flake bars is in transit from Dubai to Austin and should be arriving on April 28th. I guess a guy is swimming accross the ocean with a bag full of it.

[Update 4/4/2006]: The Marcos Kirsch Experience® exclusive correspondant in England, Jessica Lechner, has just informed me that the Flake tastes more sour, and is worse. This matches another report by Sarai Melichar, who is a chemical engineer in Houston TX and specializes in eating chocolate. She describes the Flake as “gross“. She repeated the word “gross” and “yuck” many times throughout the report. We are still awaiting the tests that will be performed at the main labs, in Austin, TX.

Tomorrow: Mexico D.F.

It’s past 1:00 AM. Tomorrow I fly to Mexico City for Eli’s wedding.

I can’t sleep. Not because I’m not tired, but because I haven’t packed. What in hell have I been doing?

10:00 PM: I still need to run some errands (and finish doing laundry). I want to have a new Sopranos DVD delivered by Netflix by the time I get back. But first I need to finish watching the one I have so that I can take it to the mail office.

11:20 PM: I leave home. I drop the DVD. It’s like a drive thru in a McDonald’s… very convenient. Now I need to go to my office. I left my iPod’s charger and cable there. I need to take it, and I need to sync all the phone numbers I need to take. Head to my office.

11:25 PM: I call Brody, who’s taking me to the airport tomorrow morning. Nothing important. Just to tell him that Arturito just got in town and give him the phone number.

11:40 PM: Go up to the sixth floor to my office. Pick up the charger. Then chat with Sastry, who’s always there. This guy should not pay rent for an apartment. Just bring his stuff over. He wants me to bring him Glorias. I explain to him that they don’t have those in Mexico City, only in the Northern states.

11:50 PM: Back to my car, Brody calls. Apparently, when I called him earlier he was already asleep. He thought it was his wakeup call and got up, then had breakfast. When he realized it was still today, he called me. He felt stupid about it, but not stupid enough to not tell me the story. I bet he didn’t expect me to post it here. As long as he doesn’t read it before my ride, I’m ok.

12:00 AM: Stop at Walgreen’s. My mother needs Neosporin. Not ointment:
cream. Comes in a yellow or green tube, she’s not sure. If it’s the generic brand,
that’s ok. But it has to be cream, not ointment. They promptly inform me that they close
at 12:00 AM. I ask: "What time is it?" and the lady answers: "12:00 AM". I did not know they close. Lesson: Not all Walgreen’s are 24/7. Crap.

12:05 AM: Back at home, fold my laundry. Then read the news. Aznar was in Mexico and made a mess with some remarks. They are calling Landin to play with the national team against Ghana. They’re calling Franco too. I hope he’s ok to play.

1:00 AM: Starving. Hmmm… quesadillas! Let’s perpetuate the stereotype. Beans too. I put way too much chipotle on these ones. Not good for my nails.

1:28 AM: Publish this post. I better start packing.


This morning, as I’m waiting for the plumber to arrive to fix a leaky pipe, I get a call from the plumbing company: The plumber will be late, he had to go take care of a gas emergency.

Does this mean he had one too many bean burritos for dinner?