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The Magic Dragon


To the untrained eye, it may look like an ugly paper dog. But trust me, it’s a dragon.
All you do is put print out the instructions, cut it and tape it together. When you look at the paper dragon and move around it appears like the whole head rotates and follows you. In reality it doesn’t move, it’s just an illusion (no magic!?).

Continue reading to check out the amazing video clip I took (Quicktime required, what else?) or make your own.

To those paying attention… yes, that is a perfect rubber band ball behind the dragon. Another one of my creations (I like to keep myself busy). More on that some other time.

Note: there is a 98% chance my brother Jaco will build his own.
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iTunes milestone

No, this is not about iTunes selling 200 million songs.

It’s about me having listened to every song in my iTunes playlist at work at least once.

That is, as of today at 1:52 PM, 3708 songs, that can be played without repeating for 10 days, 22 hours, 7 minutes and 57 seconds (give or take). For those who care, that’s 17.36 GB worth of music.

The mistery of the matzah balls

Twice on the past week I made matzah ball soup. Used the same little mix that vomes from the little box, same brand, same amount of eggs and so on. The first time, the matzah balls came out big and fluffy. The second time, they came out small and hard. I have no preference for either type, yet no one seems to be able to predict when nor tell why sometimes they come out one way or the other.This is one of the last great misteries in the world, right up there with the Loch Ness Monster. If I had a way for you to provide feedback in this poor excuse for a blog OR if I had any readers, I could ask you to provide some insight. But I can’t.