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Photo of the day

Walter Gaitan disputes the ball with Guillermo Franco in the last edition of the “Clásico Regiomontano” which Monterrey won 2-1. Tomorrow and Saturday, the two teams meet again, this time in the semifinal. Monterrey has not lost in the last 15 games and has won a record 7 straight away games. Tigres qualified to the playoffs undeservedly (Chiapas had 3 points taken away due to a rule) but came back from a 3-1 defeat at home in the first game of the semifinal to beat top ranked America 4-1 in their own Azteca stadium. The last (and only other) time the two teams met in playoffs was 2003. Monterrey won the semifinal 5-3 (global) and later won the final to become champions after 17 years.

[Update 12/7/2005] Tigres wins 1-0 the first game. Monterrey now has to win at home in order to make it to the final.

Monterrey 4-1 América

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Last Saturday, I had to go down to watch the game between Monterrey and America.
Monterrey won (obviously) by a wide margin: 4-1.

Ex-fan of America and newly rayado Mauricio Capistran (Picho) stoically paid the bet between us by wearing Monterrey’s shirt all day at work. To make things worse, the shirt says Bimbo – a sure way of getting people to ask you why you’d wear such shirt.

Please note the flag in the back of the picture. We promptly proceeded to burn it.

World Champions!

A couple of weeks someone asked me:

"Do you think Mexico will ever win the World Cup?".
And I answered:
"We will not live to see the day Mexico wins the World Cup".

Sad. I know.

However, a few minutes ago Mexico beat the crap out of Brazil (3-0) in the final of the Sub-17 World Cup. This gives me hope… 2010 anyone?

As an interesting note, the star of the mexican team and one of the MVPs of the tournament, Giovani Do Santos, used to sit right behind me every Saturday in the Tecnologico Stadium, to watch the Monterrey games with his dad and little brother. His dad Zizinho was playing at the time with La Raza, the indoor soccer team of the Continental Indoor Soccer League.

Trip to the Gold Cup

This past weekend, Carlos, Ruben, Jaramillo and I went to Houston to watch the quarter final match between Mexico and Colombia in the 2005 Gold Cup.

Unlucky weekend: Mexico lost 2-1. I lost the coin-toss to see who drives from Austin to Houston. And despite our best efforts (see picture above) we could not make it on TV. Those “lucky socks” I was wearing turned out not to be so lucky. I’ll have to go back to my unwashed lucky underwear (damn it!).

The trip was a lot of fun though, we got to see many people and went out to the new Planeta Bar-Rio which is exactly like another Bar in Monterrey

I have posted two albums with pictures from the trip: see photos and more photos. I’m still waiting on more pictures taken by Jaramillo and Gustavo.

Monterrey Campeón

I just posted some pictures from the final in the Tecnológico Stadium where Monterrey flipped the 2-1 score against them and defeated Hugo Sanchez’s Pumas to become the champions of the Apertura 2004 tournament.

�Duro Rayados!

See photos

Guillermo Franco celebrates his third goal against Pumas in the final

Franco can’t contain his tears of joy while Urdiales stares in desbelief at the new champions.

People went to the streets to celebrate the championship.

Team members on their way to pick up their trophy.

Herrera’s short career as a coach has given him his first championship.

Monterrey is in the final!

Semifinal away game (Estadio Azteca): Atlante 2-4 Monterrey
Semifinal home game (Estadio Tecnol�gico): Monterrey 3-1 Atlante

Finalists: Monterrey VS Pumas UNAM.

Should I fly to Monterrey for the game? (who am I kidding?! Of course!)
Update: I just bought my plane tickets. Monterrey Campeón!
Update 2: First leg: Pumas 2-1 Monterrey (shit). Things will be intense on Saturday.

Pictures from Monterrey VS Pachuca

Here’s a couple of pictures from last night’s game (Monterrey VS Pachuca quarter finals). Monterrey won 2-1 and now have to go and not lose in the return game in Pachuca.

Yes, cell phone cameras suck.

FIFA 2004 Tournament

Yesterday, EA Sports held a FIFA 2004 Tournament in the bar Cain and Abel’s.Of course I went. Being as addicted to this videogame as I am, I did very well. Made it to the final where I played none other than my FIFA nemesis: David Levinson. I’ve been playing him since the game first came out for Sega Genesis and now in Austin I play him in the final of a tournament. Well, we tied 0-0 and the lucky bastard beat me in penalty shootout.On the upside, I got a free t-shirt and a free blowup soccer ball. Also, it should be noted that I did not receive a single goal during the whole tournament.

Argentina 1-0 Mexico

The Lavolpe era of the Mexican soccer national team started last night with a loss against the sub-23 Argentinian national team. The game was ok, it’s too bad that Arellano got his knee injured and couldn’t play. I also think that Borghetti could have helped but instead Olalde played. The referee was terrible too.

The next match is, I believe, against Colombia.