Believe it or not (I still don’t fully believe it), I managed to re-fracture my collarbone last Sunday. It is with great emotional and physical (but mostly physical) pain that I have decided to retire from competitive amateur soccer. I wasn’t even good to begin with.

Here’s yesterday x-ray:

And I know. You told me so.

7 thoughts on “Ouch”

  1. Bueno, al menos no te esperaste a que “la tercera fuera la vencida”, dos te convencieron… que te recuperes pronto.

  2. otraaaaaaaa….que pedo contigo, unbreakable Samuel Jackson…ya no, ponte a tejer mejor

  3. no Marcos. no puede ser que abandones a tu equipo. por favor reconsideralo, que quizas estas en un proximo llamado para la seleccion.
    suerte en tu recuperacion.

  4. Soccer? Again? Oh well, now that you’ve retired, perhaps you’ll come up with other, more interesting ways to injure yourself. You’re getting old. I recommend a calcium supplement.

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