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Monterrey is in the final!

Semifinal away game (Estadio Azteca): Atlante 2-4 Monterrey
Semifinal home game (Estadio Tecnol�gico): Monterrey 3-1 Atlante

Finalists: Monterrey VS Pumas UNAM.

Should I fly to Monterrey for the game? (who am I kidding?! Of course!)
Update: I just bought my plane tickets. Monterrey Campeón!
Update 2: First leg: Pumas 2-1 Monterrey (shit). Things will be intense on Saturday.

FIFA 2004 Tournament

Yesterday, EA Sports held a FIFA 2004 Tournament in the bar Cain and Abel’s.Of course I went. Being as addicted to this videogame as I am, I did very well. Made it to the final where I played none other than my FIFA nemesis: David Levinson. I’ve been playing him since the game first came out for Sega Genesis and now in Austin I play him in the final of a tournament. Well, we tied 0-0 and the lucky bastard beat me in penalty shootout.On the upside, I got a free t-shirt and a free blowup soccer ball. Also, it should be noted that I did not receive a single goal during the whole tournament.

Argentina 1-0 Mexico

The Lavolpe era of the Mexican soccer national team started last night with a loss against the sub-23 Argentinian national team. The game was ok, it’s too bad that Arellano got his knee injured and couldn’t play. I also think that Borghetti could have helped but instead Olalde played. The referee was terrible too.

The next match is, I believe, against Colombia.