Zombies sighted in Austin?

  Just last October, the mayor of Austin turned into a  zombie. The zombie invasion continues, as a few road signs near the University of Texas howed. Please advise on zombie fighting techniques. You can read more about it in the Austin-American Statesman. Courtesy of Jaramillo. More photos after the break.

Tactile Dome

Discover the unseen world of the Tactile Dome—an interactive excursion through total darkness, where your sense of touch becomes your only guide! Built in 1971, the Tactile Dome is a maze you crawl through in total, absolute darkness. You rely only on your sense of touch to find your way around. In my case, the … Continue reading Tactile Dome

Austin UFO explained

  By now the whole world has heard about the UFO sighted above the Austin skyline last Sunday during the Austin Marathon (first zombies, and now this??). The experts can’t or won’t, however, confirm what it was. The public too is torn. Read more for video footage and a scientific explanation.