Pizza delivery

We got together last night at a friend’s house in order to watch a certain soccer match on T.V. (I don’t remember what game, O.K.? O.K.?).

As usual, we ordered some pizzas from Papa John’s. I like ordering from them because their online ordering system is really good. The pizza’s not bad either.

After what felt like a very long wait (feels longer the hungrier you are), the bell rings. It’s a pizza delivery girl. That’s a first, it’s usually a guy. She hands me the pizzas and says:

Really, that comment?

I reply:


The comment you wrote on the order for the delivery guy…

I don’t know what you’re talking about!

So she shows me the note on the label on the pizza box:

Click to zoom

Why yes… I typed that in the website around five years ago! It’s stored in my account. Every pizza I’ve ordered since has had the same message for the delivery person. So far only one of them have been a girl, and none of them have worn something sexy. Might be company policy. Will keep trying.

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