Oasis @ Monterrey

Oasis concert in Monterrey, México
Oasis concert in Monterrey, México

I knew English rock band Oasis was going to play at the Arena Monterrey on the same weekend of my trip. I also knew tickets were sold out quickly and scalpers were charging outrageous sums of money, devaluated peso nonwithstanding.

So when “la vaca” said on Friday night that he’d find tickets, I was doubtful. He used his charms on the ticket booth lady on Saturday morning, before the concert. A few hours later she calls: “They just released 19 tickets. How many should I save you?”. Regular price, no fees, pretty good seats. The Arena was packed.

The Gallagher brothers won’t win any awards for friendliness, but they have some good music. Below you can see a few photos and some of my signature digicam videos (which I am pleased to say, compare favorably to most YouTube concert fare). I hope you like them.

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