The MKX® Reader Contest: Winner!

On April 22nd we announced our first reader contest. It was a huge success with over four participants! (read all about it).

Here are the entries:

  • Edy: $125
  • J Kings: $195
  • Jaquito: $250
  • Jack: $255
  • Moi: $504
  • Marcos S: $446
  • Zepeda: $99
  • Manuel: $268
  • Picho $138.5
  • Isaac: $287.75
  • ME: $163
  • Pastor: $240
  • Sofia: $182.50
  • Daniel Jaramillo: $558
  • Carlos Slim: Poquito.
  • Thelma Says: $354
  • Neil Feiereisel: $347.50
  • Arturo: $555
  • Amit: $72

Keep on reading to see the winner!

Yes, as you can see, the only person to be within the required $5.00 of the actual figure is none other than well-known playboy Moises Kirsch, who also happens to be my own baby brother. He was within $4.88 off. These excellent estimating, math, spatial and estimation skills must be genetic or something. And yet my other brother isn’t so sharp… go figure. I must note that apparently $0.42 worth of non-quarters slipped through, which was enough to make him win.
Moi has won a first row ticket to the Gustavo Cerati concert next Monday in Monterrey, Mexico. Congratulations Moi, you lucky bastard!

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