Tonight: Mr. Kirsch’s Very Intimate Birthday Bash

From: Marcos Kirsch

Location: The Bat-Cave 12370 Alameda Trace Circle 133,Austin,TX View Map
When: Friday, May 6, 9:30pm
Phone: 512 XXX-XXXX

[UPDATE 5/8/2005] Photos have been uploaded.

Keep on reading for evite text.This is it. The biggest party since late April 2005 is finally here!

It’s not a Cinco de Mayo celebration: we have long forgiven the french and there is no reason to celebrate in Puebla right now(*).

However, if you want to have a great time, meet cool people, listen to great music, practice some salsa moves, and have a great time, stop reading right now and go find a party that has all that. Then invite me.

Just kidding. This is the party you’ve been waiting for! It turns out that I turned 22 (**) and for that we must celebrate. Bring some beer(***), wine, rum, vodka, tequila, aguardiente, whiskey or all of the above.

For this one and only occassion, ceviche will NOT be served.

Thank you for you prompt response, and see you on Friday!

Organizing Committee

(*) Puebla’s soccer team just descended to Second Division
(**) Approximately
(***) Caguamas de Carta Blanca

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.- How much alcohol should I bring?
Lots, if you want. As a rule of thumb, bring about half your weight in beer.

2.- I have cheerleader/model/hot female friends. Should I bring them?
Uhm, ok.

3.- Are you really 22? You look so much younger.
Nope, I am 27. It’s the youthfull smile that does it.

4.- Can you really salsa dance?
No, but when I’m drunk enough I think I do. And then I see the damn wedding video (not my wedding obviously).

5.- Sounds like a lot of people, are there enough toilets for everyone?
There’s always Alejandro’s sink.

6.- I don’t understand English. Do you have a translated version of this evite?

7.- Do I need to respond or should I play the waiting game and just check out the guest list an hour before the party and then decide if I want to go?
You’re running out of time. Plus, I don’t recommend that, because there is a chance that I may close the evite at any time and move the party to my private yacht, and only tell those who responded affirmatively about it.
[UPDATE] Lucky to all those that didn’t respond with time, I was just informed that the installation of the hot tub in my yacht is behind schedule, so we’ll have the party at my apartment after all.

8.- Do I need to try to be funny in my response.
Sure. Hell, I’m trying to be funny in the invitation (without much success) so why not?

9.- What if I’d rather stay home and scratch the inside of my nasal cavities all night?
I don’t blame you, I enjoy scratching the inside of my nasal cavities as much as the next guy, but this is a once in a lifetime event, I’ll never be a readhead again.

10.- A mostly male guest list and a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. Are you an engineer or what?
During the day I am indeed a mild-mannered engineer. But at night, I am…. (you fill in the rest)

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