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Twitter sidebar

I still don’t fully “get” Twitter, and I’m not much of a user. But some people do. People who are toppling governments and stuff. Still, I decided to add a little bit of Twitter magic to The MKX® in the form of a widget sidebar (look to the right, below the Google Reader shared items). Another possible idea: Automatically publish new posts on Twitter. Or include my posts in the RSS feed. The possibilites are endless. Follow me: @marcoskirsch

One added bonus: Mention me on Twitter, and you get automatically posted on the widget to the right. So feel free to extol my virtues in 140 characters or less – if you can.

Update: Renaming the Solid Waste Services Department

Fred Durst himself has tweeted his support to the online poll’s entryFred Durst Society of the Humanities and Arts“… they are leading!