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The MKX® has not received updates lately because I went to Alaska with the Sandler Clan. I’m now back and catching up with things. Moi and I hope to upload many hundreds of photos soon to a new website, but don’t hold your breath.

In the meantime, here is one of me and my friend the Hubbard glacier.



Here’s a video of me bungee jumping last Saturday at the Cola de Caballo waterfalls, in Villa de Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

Update 7/8/2009: Answering Eva’s comments on how this compares to skydiving: Skydiving costs 10x more but it’s worth it 10x more. It’s a better, longer, experience. The thing about bungee jumping is that your body changes direction several times so you get a different feeling. But nothing beats the free fall of sky diving, with the strong wind in your face and the unbelievable, wide open view.