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Monster Jam

Ilán has had a lifelong obsession with all things vehicle, so we headed out to San Antonio to check out Monster Jam at the Alamodome.

I don’t consider myself knowledgeable about Monster Trucks and I had never attended one of their shows. We got tickets to the pre-show which allowed us to go down to see the machines up-close and even meet the drivers and get their autographs.

Little did I know that these guys are celebrities. There were long lines of kids holding their $10 program ready to get an autograph from these superstars. Is the world of Monster Trucks big and somehow I’ve stayed unaware of it?

It was a great show, easily able to hold the attention of a 4 year-old kid for 2.5 hours. Just bring earplugs.

San Antonio

Back in December the Austin Kirsch family headed to San Antonio to meet the Mexico City Kirsch family. San Antonio is pretty close, so obviously I never think of going.


  • My beautiful nieces
  • San Antonio Zoo: Perfect for little kids. Not gigantic, but not small. Great variety of animals.
  • The DoSeum: This place makes Austin’s The Thinkery feel tiny. I didn’t even know it existed!

Conspicuously missing: Six Flags (closed), Sea World (closed), The Alamo, Riverwalk. Gotta leave something for next time.


Billy Joel vs Elton John

I went to San Antonio a few weeks ago to see Billy Joel and Elton John, missing the last day of SXSW. Great 3.5+ hour long concert: the sound, the performance, the stage… all except for how far away we were sitting.

Billy Joel VS Elton John concert in San Antonio

The t-shirts were great too. I bought seven, one for each day of the week. They’re expensive because they were knit by the artists’ mothers, Mrs. Joel and Mrs. John themselves. And at $40 a pop, they must be good.


The big takeaway is: for my next mega-concert, I’m going to be close to the stage.