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San Antonio

Back in December the Austin Kirsch family headed to San Antonio to meet the Mexico City Kirsch family. San Antonio is pretty close, so obviously I never think of going.


  • My beautiful nieces
  • San Antonio Zoo: Perfect for little kids. Not gigantic, but not small. Great variety of animals.
  • The DoSeum: This place makes Austin’s The Thinkery feel tiny. I didn’t even know it existed!

Conspicuously missing: Six Flags (closed), Sea World (closed), The Alamo, Riverwalk. Gotta leave something for next time.


Billy Joel vs Elton John

I went to San Antonio a few weeks ago to see Billy Joel and Elton John, missing the last day of SXSW. Great 3.5+ hour long concert: the sound, the performance, the stage… all except for how far away we were sitting.

Billy Joel VS Elton John concert in San Antonio

The t-shirts were great too. I bought seven, one for each day of the week. They’re expensive because they were knit by the artists’ mothers, Mrs. Joel and Mrs. John themselves. And at $40 a pop, they must be good.


The big takeaway is: for my next mega-concert, I’m going to be close to the stage.