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Will Palm survive?

Image source: Engadget

After Palm announced terrible quartery results, the press is doubting their survival as a company. This is a shame, because in today’s smartphone world, it seems to me that Palm’s WebOS/Pre is the best product in the market after the iPhone.

Blackberries feel like Windows 3.1: ugly, outdated, unusable. I don’t understand why people love them so much. Windows Mobile attempts to cram a desktop UI into a 3 inch screen. My friend Luis had one and it took him 20 minutes to look anything up in the web. Android phones are like Linux: powerful, but only a techie could use it, if he wants to deal with the pain. I haven’t used a Nokia smartphone in years so I don’t know.

It’s just sad: A really nice product, only too little, too late. I’ll be surprised if they are still around a year from now. Some reading for those who care: