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Water damage

Today, right before I headed out to my weekly life drawing studio, I opened the trunk of my car in order to throw some stuff in it. That’s when I realized that I had left a cooler full of (now melted) ice in there, together with my sketchpads containing about two years worth of drawings. The cooler fell to its side and everything got soaked. Unlike my digital files, I don’t have hourly + offsite backups of my hand drawings.

I quickly drove home, in order to examine how bad the damage was and to try to rescue as much as possible. I laid most of the drawings flat for them to dry out. Turns out I got lucky: the sketch pad that got most of the water got soaked on the back, where there’s a hard cardboard cover and about 30 blank sheets of paper between the water and the drawings.

Here’s a photo of my floor right now:

Wet drawings

I do take digital photos of the drawings. They are fully backed up and available for your pleasure in The MKX® Photo Central, if you care.

Life Drawing at AVAA

I took these two cellphone photos at AVAA‘s Life Drawing session last Sunday during one of the breaks.

It’s cool to see the different drawings/paintings by different artists using different techniques, all of them from slightly different angles. It’s also impressive: everyone is very, very talented (and better than me).

All of the artwork is unfinished, shown after only 30 minutes or so of work. Click to enlarge and try to guess which one is mine.