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 LabVIEW API for Nest

A while ago, after we installed our Nest thermostats in our respective homes, Jaramillo and I got together and created a LabVIEW API for controlling the Nest – meaning it makes it super easy to control the Nest from your LabVIEW (NI‘s graphical programming language) program.

My guess is that the number of 1) LabVIEW programmers with a 2) Nest thermostat who want to 3) write their own programs to control it is quite small. But it was a nice little learning project.

It has since been posted in LabVIEW MakerHub and improved upon. They even made a video:

I expect zero The MKX® readers to use it, but at least it’s now been recorded here for posterity.

NIWeek 2010 booth babes

Today was the last day of NIWeek 2010, “Worldwide Graphical System Design Conference and Exhibition” hosted every year by the good people of National Instruments in Austin, TX. I roamed the expansive expo floor and took some photos. Below is a gallery of the hottest, best looking booth babes present at the show. You are most welcome!