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Resemblances so uncanny it’s creepy.

Separated at Birth? Ken Bone and Señor Barriga

The whole world tuned in to the Second US Presidential Debate and saw their faith in the human race decline steadily for two hours… until Kenneth Bone showed up to save the day.

But here’s my personal conspiracy theory: few realize that Ken Bone is actually a Mexican undercover agent with excellent fashion sense trying to steer the campaign away from crotch grabbing and towards taco trucks on every corner.

Specifically: Ken Bone is secretly Mexican tycoon  El Señor Barriga.

Judge for yourself:


Separated at birth? Like father, like son

  1. I want this settled once and for all: Who does the boy look like?
  2. I can call off the genetic testing.
Marcos vs Ilán
Left: 4 months old. Right: 8.5 months old. But no one would fault you for thinking it was the same kid.

For reference, here’s the mom who also happens to be the most attractive one in the family:



This is what the baby looks like today, about 18 years after Nirvana’s Nevermind album originally shipped. The photo shoot took forever because we wanted to capture the dollar bill just right and the model had to hold his breath for a while.

I call the photo: “Lenirvana”. Click on it for a slightly larger version.

Leny Kirsch


The MKX brings you another uncanny resemblance:

Left: Legendary Argentinian soccer player turned struggling Argentinian head coach Diego Armando Maradona during last week’s defeat to Brazil.

Right: Legendary Agentinian comic book character Mafalda during one of her earliest appearances.


What do you think?

Redrum, redrum

My cousin Alan decided to go through old photos and upload them to Facebook. What I saw surprised me deeply: His brother Yann played Danny Torrance, the creepy kid from Kubrick’s classic The Shining. See for yourself:

Separated at birth? Yann Kirsch and Danny Torrance
Separated at birth? Yann Kirsch and Danny Torrance

Other striking resemblances seen in The MKX®:

Separated at birth? Unabomber and Annette

Sure, it’s just the police sketch… but is it mere coicidence?

The Unabomber and my friend Annette Bielas