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And you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like “1984”

Here it is. “1984”, the original, side by side with “1984 – iPod Edition”.


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Macworld Keynote announcements thoughts

Yesterday morning Steve Jobs delivered the Macworld 2004 Keynote (there’s only one Macworld a year now…).Here are my thoughts on each of the announcements:

Twentieth anniversary of the Mac
They posted the famous 1984 ad, except the girl is now wearing an iPod… funny. They released a poster. I bought it at eBay already. No new Twentieth Anniversary Mac????

Final Cut Express
This is just to see which Pro features have trickled down to the Express version. Yawn.

XServe G5
About time.

iLife ’04
iPhoto: Lots of nice things… but the only important feature: It’s not painfully slow. GREAT!
iMovie: It’s not slow…. GREAT! Unfortunately, I have no use for iMovie. I’ve used it before and enjoyed it to no end. iMovie was groundberaking and it’s getting better.
iDVD: Another awesome program, which I’ve never used, as I don’t make iMovies nor have a DVD burner.
GarageBand: This is another awesome program, might be as groundbreaking as iMovie. They could sell it standalone for $100 and it’d be still a bargain. But I don’t play any instruments. I have no use for it.

iPod mini
It’s truly awesome! but… still… expensive. Or at least not cheap enough to make me just order one. However, I understand that:
– Apple wants to make more money, not sell more units.
– Margins is where the money is at
– If they sold out all the other more expensive models last month, why make them cheaper?
On the other hand, as someone who paid dearly for an Optio S camera, I value the size on these portable things. It’s hard to say how much the smaller size is worth (as it’s hard to say how much the better GUI is worth when comparing Macs and PCs). It’s not like comparing Megabytes or Megahertz. But it’s valuable. We’ll see how they sell.

Bottom line: iPhoto is no longer free and it’s the only application, besides iTunes (which is still free) that I use on a regular basis. But… can I justify paying $50 for iLife if all I want is iPhoto to be faster??? I think no. We’ll see.

And where are the faster Macs????

Bizarro MP3 Player

Fortune magazine has a iPod clone: the Dell DJ.

this sums it up: “Musicmatch is my favorite Windows-based online music servicethat’s like saying a prostate exam is my favorite invasive procedure”

Dell DJ is the Bizarro iPod.

Hell froze over

Yesterday, Apple released its iTunes for Windoze.

Well, of course that made me happy… since I use Windoze at work, it means I can drop that piece of junk player I had to use (WinAmp) and can now use iTunes, which is, by the way, exactly like the Mac version down to Aqua scrollbars and Rendezvous music sharing(!). It also means I can finally listen to the music I bought through the iTunes Music Store at work.

Except… you can only authorize three computers to listen to the music. And it seems like I authorized some friend’s computer during one of my demos (this was a Music Store demo) in addition to my iBook and my brother’s iBook. I’m trying to track this friend down (it wasn’t Gustavo’s Powerbook… it might be Jaramillo’s iBook) in order to deauthorize it and then authorize my PC at work.


Anyway, blinded with the Reality Distortion Field, I also bought a .mac account.
We’ll shortly see how that goes.

Update [October 20, 2003]: We’ve checked Gustavo’s and Daniel’s computers. They were not authorized with my iTunes account. My apologies to them. The hunt for the third computer continues.

New Powerbooks

Today at Apple Expo Paris, Mr. Jobs himself introduced a new 15″ Aluminum Powerbook. Small speedbumps for the 12 inch and 17 inch machines were also announced. Overall, I’m not impressed. The Powerbook line is now so far behind in performance to the Power Mac G5 line that it’s not even funny.
This could change soon.

They also introduced a wireless keyboard and mouse. This is the coolest Bluetooth one-button mouse ever :). If only my iBook had Bluetooth….

Is Hugo Chavez a Mac user?

Check out this link:
A couple of DJs made a prank call to the president of Venezulea Hugo Chavez. During the conversation Chavez said something about “it all happening on Tuesday”. Well, unless Hugo Chavez is a Mac user (tomorrow is Steve Job’s Keynote at MacWorld San Francisco 2003) venezuelans are in for something tomorrow. No more political commentary for now.