Hell froze over

Yesterday, Apple released its iTunes for Windoze.

Well, of course that made me happy… since I use Windoze at work, it means I can drop that piece of junk player I had to use (WinAmp) and can now use iTunes, which is, by the way, exactly like the Mac version down to Aqua scrollbars and Rendezvous music sharing(!). It also means I can finally listen to the music I bought through the iTunes Music Store at work.

Except… you can only authorize three computers to listen to the music. And it seems like I authorized some friend’s computer during one of my demos (this was a Music Store demo) in addition to my iBook and my brother’s iBook. I’m trying to track this friend down (it wasn’t Gustavo’s Powerbook… it might be Jaramillo’s iBook) in order to deauthorize it and then authorize my PC at work.


Anyway, blinded with the Reality Distortion Field, I also bought a .mac account.
We’ll shortly see how that goes.

Update [October 20, 2003]: We’ve checked Gustavo’s and Daniel’s computers. They were not authorized with my iTunes account. My apologies to them. The hunt for the third computer continues.

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