.Mac… To Renew or not to Renew

Today I got the following email:

Dear Marcos,

Thank you for being a part of the first year of .Mac! We introduced .Mac in July 2002 as the set of Internet essentials for your Mac, giving you tools to share, protect, and access your important data. Since then we’ve made enhancements to every major service and introduced new ones like .Mac Address Book and .Mac Bookmarks, both with built-in syncing. We’ve also provided access to over $150 worth of additional member benefits, such as award-winning Mac OS X Jaguar training. And there’s much more to come.

Your membership is scheduled to expire on October 16, 2004 PDT, and we hope you have already decided to continue your service when the time comes. To make sure that happens, click here, log into your Account Page and click the Credit Card Info page to enter your up-to-date credit card information and check the Auto Renew option. Your card won’t be charged until your current subscription expires.

Thank you again and we look forward to another year with you.

Hmmm… should I renew? I only use the iDisk for moving files around (but it’s a pain because my iDisk is almost full and they provide a shamefull 100 MB) and some backups. I use the Homepage feature for photographs (great iPhoto integration!) and the iSync/AddressBook synchronization (which I really like). I don’t use the email.

With Tiger they will introduce .Mac Sync but that’s still a year away.

What should I do?

[UPDATE September 28, 2005] I renewed using a retail .mac box from Buy.com ($69.99). I’m a sucker.

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