Soylent day 1


Making Soylent for the first time was easy. Put powder in pitcher – it smells good, like pancake mix. Add water and shake vigorously. No problem.



Add the oil which comes in a small hotel shampoo bottle. This is the part in which the product started losing its appeal. A little more shaking and I was ready to pour the thing for poor me.

This is how it compares to my almost daily breakfast:

Oatmeal Soylent
cost: cheap cheap
color: beige beige
texture: thick sludge watery sludge
benefits: helps me poop brings readers to The MKX®
temperature: hot and soothing cold and harsh
requires: a microwave a healthy dose of masochism


I must say that it was faster to prepare it than it was to eat it. It’s grainy, smells bad but tastes ok, and leaves behind a feeling not unlike having a spoonful of olive oil with sand… something I hadn’t done in years. I had to drink it in little sips.

I’ve read that eventually you get to crave this thing. We’ll see. It made me burp little soylent-tasting burps, but that may be because I am a little disgusted.

Breakfast of champions. And lunch. And dinner.

Good thing I can wash it down with coffee.


12:20 PM: It’s later than my usual lunch. I’m hungry but not terribly so. I am dreading this. I left 2/3 of a pitcher of Soylent in the fridge. Ok let’s do it.

12:59 PM: Done eating. I feel satisfied if not full. It took forever to eat because I am doing other things in parallel. And because it’s not super yummy.

Happy and satisfied champ.


I forgot about a prior engagement of dinner with friends. So… I had Middle Eastern food. It was glorious. What happened later was interesting: right after dinner, all hell broke lose on the gassiness front. Or back, I should say. This didn’t happen at all before. So the question arises: What caused it? The Soylent? The hummus? I have tainted the experiment.

At this stage, I feel good, strong, healthy, and my hair has a new sheen.

4 thoughts on “Soylent day 1”

  1. You should be happy you have such irresponsible friends. I am sure they are happy you left right after dinner. And noooo… It was not the hummus.

  2. Eso de romper el experimento el primer día está chafa. Un hijo, se entiende, pero falta de planeación… menos.

  3. Jajjaja me mata de la risa! Los amigos se fueron a su casa después de la cena, pero pobre Shlomit que te tiene que aguantar toda la noche.
    Ese soylent se ve fatal, yo que tu primero que lo coman otros por un año, te esperas a ver si siguen vivos por lo menos unos tres años después de eso y si ya después todavía decides que prefieres dejar el BBQ, o el taco-deli todo por una bebida beige pues ya ni modo será porque estamos en el apocalipsis … By the way, no se ve que tenga vitamina D, checa la etiqueta.

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