You may or may not have heard about Soylent. Not the science fiction green type, but the wildly successful Kickstarter project.

I first ordered the food substitute on 5/14/2014. On 7/24 I received an email update in which the original 10-12 week lead time was further pushed back another 8-10 weeks. On 9/19 I was asked to confirm my address, on 10/9 I got my shipping notification, and today I finally received my package. It only took exactly 5 months. You’d think this stuff was made of people or something.

My one-week ration of Soylent came in this nondescript box.
Pitcher and scoop in small box, Soylent pouches and fish oil in large one.

The idea is this: substitute food with this inexpensive, nutritious, delightful goo and save money and time. Great for important and busy people who aren’t important enough to have someone cook for them.

Soylent nutrition facts: too much for me to read. But if you see anything I should be worried about, please let me know.

In the name of science and for the benefit of The MKX® readers, we will have one human being consume nothing but Soylent and coffee and maybe some snacks for a full week. The subject will be monitored and progress will be tracked on this website. There is an important caveat: if the subject is to suddenly become a father, the subject will get a deluge of foreign family members who like to do nothing but eat out. The subject will take a break from the experiment should that occur, although Soylent can be handy in some of the circumstances that may arise.

The subject looking reasonably healthy and happy, behind the contents of the box, which include bottles of fish oil, the pouches, a neat pitcher, a measuring spoon, instructions.

One notable thing: I received version 1.1 of the formula. The biggest change according to my research is that it drastically reduces flatulence. Given the amount of beans I eat, I assumed any change in my diet would have the same effect. Who knows.

Soylent 1.1. Shlomit’s nightmares did not materialize.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post them below. Or just post whatever, as it will encourage me to carry on with the experiment.


A colleague ordered an unofficial Soylent knock-off (the formula is available for anyone to use) and traded a single meal with me. It came in a shady-looking ziploc bag. At some point during the experiment I will try it and compare.


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