Readers of this blog know I am an avid RSS reader. Specifically, I’ve used Google Reader for years but now they’re closing. People panicked – but they shouldn’t. This is just as if people had panicked when Netscape Navigator died: “the end of the web!”? No. Just use a different web browser.

I just moved my 240 feeds to feedly. So if you came here to see my detailed analysis of all the competitors then you came to the wrong place. I picked feedly because it was free and Reeder works (or will work) with it. I don’t like that it uses my Google account – I like to keep my accounts independent of each other.

Have you been affected by the Apocalypse closing of Google Reader? What have you migrated to? I’m interested to hear.

5 thoughts on “Feedly”

  1. I switched to Feedly about a month or 2 ago and its been great. I especially like the iPhone app which i didnt have with google reader. I also categorize all my blogs now which I didn’t do with Reader. I didn’t really have to research RSS feeds much because it seemed like Feedly was the best way to go.

  2. I moved to NetNewsWire. I am very happy so far. There is no iPhone app for it, but I rarely read feeds on the phone.

    1. I think Flipboard is ok for the casual reader, i.e. the person who wants to read something other than the back of the cereal box in the morning.

      For someone who seriously likes consuming news, it’s a toy.

      I will look into their app, I was just planning on using in through Reeder.

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